Cedar Hill’s Exploratory Program consists of courses in Art, Music Appreciation, Technology Education and Home Economics Education. Each student attends exploratory with their advisory class and rotates through each program for approximately 9 or 12 weeks each year.

Exploratories are an integral part of the middle school curriculum. The objective of our exploratory program is to provide an opportunity for students to explore and learn about the areas listed above in a fun and interesting “hands-on” way. We believe these programs are an important part of students’ life skills development and allow them to discover areas of talent and interest throughout the course of their time in middle school.

The core components of each exploratory program are:

ART – Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
DRAMA – Introduction
TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION – Woodwork and Metalwork
HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION – Textiles (Sewing) and Foods and Nutrition (Cooking)

Respect, co-operation, collaboration and safety are all an important part of our programs. Resourcefulness is also a key factor as students learn to use a variety of materials in all courses to produce creative and personally meaningful items.