About Us

Home of the Celtics!

With a school population of about 500 students, Cedar Hill provides an inviting, supportive and safe learning culture for a diverse group of students in grades 6 to 8. We are a “Dual Track” school offering educational programs in both French and English, and are a part of the Reynolds Family of Schools. Our school ensures a fully rounded, student-centered approach to education. We emphasize academic excellence; appreciation and performance in the Fine Arts; participation in athletics, games, physical fitness, and various leisure activities; and instruction in nutrition, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Middle School Advisory Team structures allow us to focus on individual needs within a smaller educational pod, while taking advantage of the resources and facilities a larger school offers. In order to achieve this, our school is structured around the Greater Victoria School District’s Exemplary Middle School Model.

For a more detailed description of our school’s offerings, please see the Educational Programs and Services section of our website.

Cedar Hill has very close ties to the surrounding community, and regularly involves our students in connecting with local Seniors Centres. We are in very close vicinity to the Nellie McClung Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, the University of Victoria, and Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, and we take advantage of the opportunities this provides. Please access the following links for information about our location, and for public transportation options.

Cedar Hill has a unique history as one of the Victoria School District’s longest standing schools. It was originally the first Mount Douglas High School, before becoming Cedar Hill Junior High. Many visitors enjoy walking our hallways and viewing former graduation class photos, and various student artwork still prominently displayed, and our students are constantly surrounded by examples of the legacies of past generations of students who have passed through our building.